Founded by Aussie girl, Kat Fahey, Taco Queen was born in 2017, in an uber cool bar called Chez Renauld in the south west of France. From the moment Taco Queen was born, she was surrounded by a cartel of red lipped beauties, and together they filled the bellies of thousands of locals and tourists with nuthin but street tacos and homemade salsa & guacamole! They will be back in 2018 with more red lippy than ever.. so watch this space as shit gets real and the Taco Queens get mobile.


A Quick Taco Queen background check

Once upon a time, In the romantic seaside village of Biarritz, in the south west of France, a group of Aussie, Brit and Californian expat friends were desperate to find some Mexican food worth eating. Whilst the French may be known for their culinary excellence, they don’t know their taco from their nacho.  And they don’t do spice. People might imagine living in France as a gastronomic experience, but for some, it was an endless battle of searching for hints of the food they know and love from their multicultural motherlands. Many a conversation revolved around the food they couldn't get in France, yep, spoilt brats they were. So over one too many glasses of vin rouge, the Taco Queen was born.


Fun, Fast & Healthy

Dedicated to creating a mexican food experience in France. Quick, satisfying, authentic food to suit the lifestyles of surfers, locals, expats and tourists alike.



Taco Queen combines the quintessential French  summer spirit with an authentic south Californian  style of Mexican eating. 


Catering, events, parties

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+33 6 35 11 37 80 Kat@faheyindustries.com